Upcoming Shows
ALLAN wants to thank all of the visiters who came to the DJ Show  to listen and see him.  He had a blast meeting friends and seeing new faces. 
Right now BONEDADDY DJ SHOW is taking a little break because a new CD and web page are under construction. The CD -Ship High In Transit, will hopefully be released this fall.  After the release of new CD you’ll be able to see him perform. 
As a special treat for the fans;
HORSE M*A*S*H Productions will have information on upcoming performances, so be sure not to pass these up!
Upcoming Shows:
Due to a major equipment theft the BONEDADDY DJ SHOW  has taken a loss of soundstage equipment.  The last six months were on hold because  the damages and the lack of  $50K Roadshow amps, modules, speakers, devices, and props , as  well as,  personal effects, household, history collections and horseshoeing shop equipment have not been recovered. March09'