BONEDADDY has been playing drums since 1963, at the tender age of ten in 5th Grade BAND.  The next year he had a pearl snare drum stolen at grammer school during a  spring holiday break.  Then for two years, as a paperboy on his brothers paper route, he saved $375 to buy a 1960's Slingerland GENE KRUPPA TRAP DRUM SET.   
Al also took guitar lessons for three weeks at eleven.  Everyone in the family liked his chord playing but he never played anything twice after he played in his 6th Grade class for a teacher's birthday party.  His dad got Al and his brother a HARMONY hollow-body guitar that he could play. but never with an amplifier.
A few years later he hooked up the pick-ups on the Harmony  and had his first experience with an electric guitar.  Al liked to stay home after school and spent time playing guitar long after his highschool rock band,THE BAD HABITS, quit rehearsals...for girls, beer & college, in that order. 
AL had to sell his first two guitars for pennies on the dollar, at a yard sale, before he moved to Niles IL, from Norwood Park, Chicago IL, in 1991. 
With his druming talents AL played in college and community theatre pit-orchastra bands. 
Desperate to play a country music show, he Dubbed his drum playing on a fake 'group tape' for an audition..., he made it to the Marlboro Country Music Festival (1985 Semi-final selection playoff) as a roadie.   Al has had his trap-set open to many styles of playing besides  60's Chicago rock/pop, musical theatre, and country. 
His interest in hawaiian lap guitars, country dobro guitar, pedal steel guitars and multi-neck steel guitars, has been his mid-life thing since around 2003.  The 70's style tunes like the Eagles Greatest Hits were his inspiration in kickstarting his entertainment career for ....classic-pop ....retro-dance ....easy-listening  ....groovy-DJ music.
Actually, Bonedaddy refers to the time in the 1990's when Allan studied as a paramedic and did some Civil War re-enacting.  A girlfriend like the name BONEDADDY, from a animated movie character. 
So far, Bonedaddy has put out sample Demo 'DJ SHOW'  Cd's since his 35th High School Reunion, mostly to his friends and clients with horses.  AND, now at his work-in-progress  (shoeing horses by day, and) plays on his first full-length CD publishing, recording and production project.
On the road in the near future, AL is planning to get himself Back to New Mexico; where the days are long and the nights are warm.
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